It’s not always a clear open road

So many weight loss success stories focus on the before and after, whilst I have turned my own life around by losing a significant amount of weight, I have yet to get to ‘goal’ as dictated by BMI, Weight Watchers guidelines, or even in my case as agreed by my Dr.

It is quite strange as I type my WW coach just called me to see how I am, Helen is a friend more than a coach and WW are very lucky to have such a genuine woman heading up her class in Swindon. She has just helped me realise a few things and that I am beating myself up for no good reason. She asked me to write a list of the positive things I have achieved since losing weight. I will do this at the end of my blog post. Which after a positive talk from Helen, has somewhat taken a more upbeat wording.

Back to my first paragraph, I have been feeling the last year a bit of a failure as I have not managed to get to goal, not managed to get to that perfect number! I guess one of my own personal problems is that I often see things in a very black and white perspective and this can lead to self criticism, it leads to self disappointment and feelings that I can and should do better.

Taking a step back can be quite tricky at times of self criticism, sometimes must putting your feelings down into words or talk to a friend or loved one, does really help put some clarity and more than that reasoning.

Weight loss journey for me is more than just losing weight, it has been about self belief, self love, patience, understanding, compassion, building vision of an outcome, a life that would be an ideal. However along the way it is so vital to keep focus on the steps you are taking now, enjoy the life of today, build a happier life by believing in oneself and add as much joy into it as you can. Simple things, the small things in a day can be overlooked. I try to live a mindful life, I guess writing my feelings down as I am now, is living mindfully. These words flow from my thoughts they are not orchestrated, they area as if I was talking to you in the same room.

Regaining focus, how shall I do that today? There is no end to self development, there is a technical goal post win when you get to your weight loss goal, but it is not over, it never will be. Today I will show myself some compassion and set a realistic vision of who I am and what I have achieved, there is no need to reach a perfection that I consider I should achieve. I have achieved my own goal, I am happy and mobile, also yes I have shown self compassion, even when I do not think I have, I practice it daily, because I keep trying to move onwards and evolve who I am.

Today I also aim to try and re focus on why I wanted to lose weight. Keep the big picture too

  1. To be mobile
  2. Independant
  3. self care, no longer a burden
  4. Be a better wife, parent, friend
  5. Travel
  6. Feel alive

Below 10 things I have achieved:

  1. Mobility
  2. Be a better grandmother and parent due to being mobile
  3. Travelled, plane, hot air ballon, bike, boat, bus, train
  4. Positive minded
  5. Helped other people
  6. Buy clothes from any almost any shop
  7. Creative with cookery
  8. Sit in any chair
  9. Had a massage, make over
  10. Able to dream and plan a future

No matter where you are on your journey of self development, just keep going, one step after another, some steps will feel light and effortless, others like walking through sludge, just keep moving!

Lisa x



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