Strawberry Low Fat Cottage Cheese Cake


4o g oat bran

40 g cottage cheese

1 egg

1/2 tsp baking powder

pinch bicarb

vanilla flavour or extract to taste

1 tb sweetener

little lemon zest

3 chopped strawberries

15 g honey


Mix strawberries with honey and heat in microwave set aside to cool a little

Mix the remainining ingredients by whisking well at the end fold in the strawberries

Pop into baking dish which I sprayed with coconut fry light

Added one strawberry cut in half and a very small amount of almonds


Bake approx 20 mins 180


Orange and Poppy Seeds Baked Oats

40 g oats

1 tb sweetener

1 small egg

tsp vanilla

1 medium sized orange washed and blitz into small pieces

1 tsp poppy seeds

125 ml skimmed milk

5 g almonds to decorate top before baking

Mix all the above and pop into baking dish, sprinkle with almonds then bake approx 35/40 mins 180


I love baked oats and through my weight loss journey oats and oat bran have featured heavily in many of my meals, baked oats is one fabulous recipe that is so adaptable to your own taste and very satisfying in taste and satiation


Mock Cheesecake

Mock cheesecake, could be made deconstructed too in a glass that would be nice, its banana and ginger flavour with almonds

1 Warburtons Thin blitz to crumbs
1 large tsp heaped cinnamon
half tsp of ginger
mix together and toast in a pan in the oven until crispy I baked at 200 about 10 mins max

13 g golden syrup 2 points, heated in microwave about 12 seconds, added the toasted crumbs, press down into a dish

1 ripe small banana mashed with half tub quark, tsp sweetener, about 1/4 tsp ginger, vanilla

Cover the biscuit base with the banana mix and I topped with 5 g almonds 1 point and a little left over biscuit crumbs

Use any flavours and fruit, you could leave out the golden syrup and save points and use your oil allowance



Blueberry and Nectrine Oat Bran Cake

This cake recipe: makes one large muffin and two smaller ones
100 g oat bran
160 g fat free cottage cheese
2 eggs
1 tsp baking powder
whole lemon zest
half tsp vanilla
1 tb sweetener
(I used half chopped nectrine and about 60g blueberries)
Whisk all ingredients with electric whisk and lastly add the fruit stiring it in with a spoon, bake in pre heated oven approx 20 mins 180
I really like the texture of the cake being made with cottage cheese and as an experiment it worked really well and will definitely
 bake this way again

Two ingredient aubergine pancake

Two ingredient pancakes flavoured with coco powder 🙂
Not a banana in sight ! 
I anticipate more experiments with aubergines 😀
One small aubergine simply baked in skin until soft, when cool scoop out flesh and mash with a fork
Whisk two eggs with tsp of cinnamon, vanilla, 10g coco powder, 1 tb of sweetener and add the aubergine flesh
cooked in fry moulds using fry light until cooked
a fabulous alternative to banana pancakes and to me tastes superior

Banana and Marshmallow Cookies


40 g oats

1 ripe banana

1 tsp sukrin gold

half tsp ginger

half tsp cinnamon

12 g mini marshmallows

1 g almonds


Mash banana well with a fork and mix it with the other ingerdients, saving almonds till last, share the mix out within two forms on top of baking paper, sprinkle with the almonds crushed and bake in over 180 approx 30/35 mins

Leave to cool and serve

I mixed fat free yogurt with vanilla coffee granules and half tsp vanilla, layered up with summer fruits



Sea Bass Stuffed With Anchovies


1 sea bass filleted

tin anchovies drained

chopped fresh corriander

sliced fresh tomato

tsp garlic

salt and pepper


Place the fillets in a pan with fry light. On one side of the fish add the anchovies, tomato, coriander, season, pop lid on and cook on medium heat about 10 mins (add little water to help steam and stop it sticking)

When ready place the other half of the fillet on top, seasoned with garlic chilli salt and cook on a higher heat for another 5 mins


Portabello Mushroom Stuffed With Roe & Cheee Crumbs


1 large mushroom

small amount approx 40 g cooked roe

3 TB bread crumbs I used Warburton Thin

tsp garlic

tsp thyme

tsp chilli

20 g my protein cheese grated finely


Press the roe into the large mushroom


Mix the remaining ingredients together and sprinkle over the stuffed mushroom

Season and bake in oven approx 30 mins 180


Lean Beef and Celeriac Pie

Sort if lean beef Italian sauce topped with celeriac mash with garlic , mustard and parsley, sprinkle of nutmeg and baked
Lean beef, chopped onion, chopped peppers, made chopped herb mix out my herb garden and fresh garlic in my mini chopper, then added tsp balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, tsp of tomato puree, tsp lea and perrins, tinned tomatoes, 1 oxo cube, chilli and garlic salt.
simmer and reduce the stock down until it thickens
I had some ready chopped celeriac from Waistrose, microwaved it, then blitzed it with tsp colmans mustard powder, little dried garlic, fresh parsley and coriander and pinch of dried, it was a bit dry so add tb or so of skimmed milk
topp the meat and sprinkled with little nutmeg then baked approx 20 mins at 200

Baked Apple

Score around the Bramley apple
Cover and part bake
When part cooked cut in half, cover with marmalade I used 15 g and sprinkled on cinnamon
Cover with foil and bake until soft
Whisk up an egg white with little sweetener, little cream of tartare, when thick top the apple halves and sprinkle with 5 g of almonds
Pop in oven for a few more minutes until brown
serve with fat free fromage frais flavoured with half packet of options white choc powder