4 Year Weight Watchers Anniversary

On 9th August 4 years ago I somehow walked through the Weight Watchers door for the last time. I had been a member several times in my life previously the first time was age 14/15, and I never wanted to be on another diet again in my life.   I had been trying to lose weight for a while as I had applied for bariatric surgery so needed to show I was able to lose weight. A few stone down one morning I thought I have to do more, what if I am not able to get the op? To cut a long story short, such was my success with Weight Watchers I turned down the option of bariatric surgery.  I was desperate for a life I dreamed of, my dreams were so simple really, to walk more than 15 steps without feeling I would collapse, sit in any style chair without fear of not fitting in it or more so breaking it!

The first 2/12 years I found very easy following Filling and Healthy plan, there was something in the plan that gave me the freedom to live normally and to re establish my emotional relationship with food, learn about portions and truly listen to my inner voice of what I want or what I need to eat. Getting back to basics with F&H was crucial I was following a weight loss plan that gave me freedom, responsibility and a feeling of creativity with the ingredients that I was able to choose freely from the Filling and Healthy food list. The majority of my weight was lost following Filling and Healthy plan, and using Pro Points for the weekly extra allowance for things that were not on the F&H food list gave me enough freedom to bake, baking my own puddings and sweet foods was a pivotal point in my self control, when I ate chocolate and shop bought treats in the past it always led to a binge, but by making my own sweet foods, puddings I was getting sweet tooth satisfaction yet the ingredients were filling, so was less likely to go back for more, which I always did with a chocolate bar.

The Weight Watchers plan changed again, it changed to No Count and Smart Points, there was little real change to the F&H food list however with the changes brought in with Smart Points this affected how many weekly points I had to use and also many of the things I baked with had doubled in points as the drive seemed to be for us to reduce our sugar intake. However I stuck with No Count but can honestly say due to my sweet tooth I found NC and SP much harder, my success seemed to be stalled due to the change. However over 3 1/2 years I lost 225 lbs and being part of my fantastic Weight Watchers group has been vital, my wonderful WW coach Helen who is by far the best coach I have ever met, she is personable, real and genuinely cares, she is a friend too she has been by my side through the last 4 years.

Last year I was so close to the goal that had been set, then I went on my first holiday abroad for many years, I had intended to be sensible anyhow when I got back I had gained 24lbs quite a shock! Since last June I have struggled to lose that weight, have felt upset about it for a while, and this negative emotion only made it harder, I always say to people draw a line, forget it and move on, yet although I was taking my own advice I feel I was just giving it lip service and not really practicing it. So here I am a year later, I guess with that year I have maintained, I am still a stone heavier than my lightest but thats ok, I am in a really good place at the moment because I choose to be.

The recent news that Weight Watchers are getting rid of No Count, phasing it out and not giving that option to new members I feel is very sad, I felt very frustrated about it because I know this sort of eating, re setting how you view food gave me my own personal freedom. I know for some people counting and structure is key, but for me who started my first diet when I was 9 years old, I could not cope with another diet ever again. Hence really embracing the F&H and NC lifestyles. Anyhow change happens, NC is going and I have to go forward, I am not leaving my Weight Watchers class, but I will continue the way I live, I have learned a lot from F&H and NC and can not see any better replacement, even if I tracked my points the food I eat is still F&H and NC, this is vital to me, basic foods as unprocessed as possible, means I eat better, feel fuller and less likely to go off the rails.

A little list below with for more than 3 years I adhered to so I could keep a clear mind, these red flags are brutal to me emotionally and would always end in binges and huge weight gains.  Along with abstaining from certain foods and alcohol I had to abstain from self hate, loathing, negativity, replace them with ‘I can’ , ‘ I am able’, ‘ I want to do this’. Weight Watchers will always look to improve and tweak their plans, for me the most important part of Weight Watchers is staying to class, the bond and support you have there is priceless, it will help me through any changes that may lay ahead.

Foods I had to abstain from:

  • alchohol
  • crisps
  • sweets/chocolate
  • take aways

I have taken the pressure off myself to get to the goal set for me, I am so grateful for every day of my journey over the last 4 years, change happens and I made it happen to me!

Self love, take a day at a time, don’t dwell on negative things, focus on the now and what you can do to make things better this very moment.

Never going back!

“You are what you believe you are”

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Bless your heart Lisa… you are such an inspiration. And I know you hear many say that, but in this case it is true! Whenever I see your posts, or photos, or recipes that are yours, I stop and pray for you, and for the grace and strength that has carried you, to also leak out onto others who need it so desperately. So many of us are out here with emotional damage from horrible eating habits, and large amounts of weight to deal with. Your story shows that it doesn’t have to be that way … that there IS hope… that there IS “normal” available to us. Again…Bless your heart!

Thank you for such a lovely comment, I do believe we should emit good out there into the universe to others I appreciate your words, all we can do is just keep going ! Wishing you happiness and a good week, Lisa

You are such a lovely amazing lady Lisa .I’ve followed you on connect since january 2016 1St day of my weight loss journey. I’ve done weight watchers previously 3times and this time I promised myself I would bit give up ever and I haven’t I go to class every week I stay even if the results are good or bad that’s helped I think . I got to goal in may last year and have been there ever since with a loss of 4St 2lbs you still inspire me to this day I love you youtube videos your recipes and your blog so thank you so very much for being there for others xxxx

What a lovely update! Well done getting to goal, I know what it takes to keep going no matter what the scales say week in and week out, its living and not quitting that counts, thank you for your kind words and support too x

You are and always will be a beautiful and inspirational lady who I had the pleasure of meeting at the meet and eat in Birmingham, I wish you nothing but health and happiness for your future and look forward to your posts of yummy recipes xx

Hello Carol, the meet and greet in Birmingham was fabulous wasn’t it? I love to meet lovely new people like yourself, hope you are well and thank you for your kind words and support x

Wow Lisa, I can relate to so much of what you say. It took me 58 years before I could stop eating / leave food on my plate when I have had enough. As I child I had to finish everything on my plate which I carried on throughout my life….until now… Through all the support, help and receipes shared by you and others on the no count group I have finally turned a corner and I’m still yo yoing but I am losing small amount, I’m following F&H as I’m in New Zealand and doing it on my own with just the groups help. Thanks for sharing your journey,you are an inspiration .

Hi Sharon, you are very welcome and well done to you with your commitment! Much of the problems that caused my weight problems were habits/emotional responses with food from childhood, it can be a tough thing to shake after it is so engrained over a life time. Sharing our ups and downs I feel is very important to hold each other up.

My son is in NZ working at the moment at a ski resort he is a chef and loving it there x

Good on you I know how you feel I’m on that rocky road this year after haven’t 2 really good years but we have to keep chipping away at it slow & steady suits me ! XX

Love reading your blog x you have done absolutely brilliant turning your whole life around and living it and enjoying it , i myself have lost almost ten stone and it’s ready stories like yours that lets us with large amounts to lose no it is possible xx think this saying is so true … no one said it’s going to be easy but it’s going to be worth it xxx well done you x

Hi Caroline wow well done 10 stone loss is fantastic!! Proud of you, all weight loss journeys are personal and none easy, but losing a huge amount of weight is hard to explain as it can be hard to recognise oneself in many ways – enjoy life every day it feels surreal. Do you ever feel that too? Wishing you the best x

You are an inspiration to others I will always do NC after 6yrs of pointing, I am definately not going back to that. I too love the freedom of choicing healthy and filling foods for myself. Keep going Lisa, we will both get to goal one day 😁. Xxx

Thank you Norma lots of hugs and best wishes to you! We will all get there, persistence is key, just keep taking another step forward thats all we can do – the freedom of F&H and NC is key to a life change, also to feel we are not on a diet. Thank you lovely for your support x

Lisa when I have just read this.some of the words and things you are saying made me cry as this is is me at the moment .I go to ww put am now nearly 2 stone heavier with being very poorly this year and taking constant steroids I’ve lost all faith in myself but today I decided to just try my best and keep going to class where everyone is so you said I can do this and I will.thankyou so much for inspiring me and wish you even more success in the future xxx

Hello lovely, I think you are amazing, no matter what you are still going to class, please realise you are fabulous, you have faith because you are still engaged. Life can get in the way, or bodies trip us up, but I feel the mind and how we feed it is probably more important the the foods we give it. Stay strong and keep going x

Was great reading your story Lisa, I too am sorry 😐 that NC is going but I will stick with WW, at goal for 5 years may be I should start to move away a bit anyway and counting wise I do feel Flex is the best they have come up with, following that at the minute and not really eating much less 😘

Thanks Marie, I think Flex could be doable with the knowledge I have from F&H and NC because I have learned so much about how to use the zero list foods creatively, I think those habits would stand me in good stead 🙂 Fantastic you have been at goal for 5 years well done lovely x

I hope I achieve a little bit of this success some day! I never get bored of reading your story – I guess because I know how much you wanted it (needed it ) we get used to the changes we make in our life, your life is so very different. Never forget you & you alone made that happen. You are and have always been the most wonderfully kind hearted person, you deserve the best life & I know there is no going back for you ! Whoop whoop , keep inspiring us !

Ah Gill that made me cry and well up sending you warm wishes and thank you so much for your friendship – you emit good things because you receive them, I have been lucky to be surrounded in my life by beautiful people who when I was at my lowest held me up and for that I am blessed to know you and all of them x

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