No Count Change Ahead

Well if you have ever read the book, Who Moved My Cheese, you will know that it sums up life quite well. To say I am upset at the removal of No Count from Weight Watchers plans is an understatement, but I felt more upset when they change Filling & Healthy plan to No Count. I have found No Count plan harder than F&H but have stuck with it.

After a meeting at Weight Watchers HQ with Helen Haythornwaite of Loving No Count website and my fellow admin Victoria from my Face Book group No Count Friends, along with WW HQ team Zoe and Greg, we were given the update of why they are making changes, it was explained to us all that WW have found that the new plan Flex is the most successful plan ever. I asked how do they know this is the most successful plan ever by WW? Zoe said that after two years clinical trials the data showed just how successful it was. We were assured those that are present members who would like to continue with NC will be supported by their coaches and those online members via online coaches. We were assured that new coaches coming through from training with WW were also trained with the knowledge of NC so they can support present members who want to continue with the NC approach. However our access to the the WW APP will no longer include the NC function for tracking.

My only worry is that F&H and NC I believe offer a balanced representative of food groups on the zero list more than Flex does. It is human nature to try and eek out the most of what you can from a weight loss plan, whether that is right or wrong, many people do this including myself. It is the use of zero list foods that have helped me be so creative with food ideas and using real foods in a non conventional way that has helped me lose my weight.

I believe as upset as I am because I faced the change from Filling & Healthy which for me was a huge deal, I feel better equipped emotionally to cope with yet another change – change happens all the time around us in all areas of our life, it is dealing with change and keeping positive that I believe makes us stronger. What is it about Weight Watchers that keeps me a member? Well as Jean Nidetch also noticed that it was more than just food and calories it was about social interaction and support. This is why I keep going back to WW the bond, belonging, friendship, people who understand what you are going through to try and lose weight. It is a unique friendship a circle of trust like no other, this is why I stick with Weight Watchers.

We can keep digging over the change, focus on why we are upset and disgruntled but where will that get us? As a global business WW have made a decision, the plans have changed many times over the years, they will continue to be tweaked and change I suspect, only we can choose to be positive and move on or it is out choice to leave or change.

No matter what change throws at me Weight Watchers Filling & Healthy also No Count have equipped me with tools and self belief that I can live a life without constant weighing of foods and eat foods that keep me satisfied and feeling that I am not actually on a diet at all. I plan to follow the No Counting approach as it has given me the life I dreamed of.

There are many quotes out there but this one sort of sums me up accurately.

“Compulsive eating is an emotional problem, and we use an emotional approach to its solution.” Jean Nidetch

Never going back !

December 2013 size 34

July 2018 size 14

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You are an incredible lady and you inspire me to try and reproduce some of your recipes. You look amazing . Well done on all your scale and non scale victories.

I wholeheartedly agree with you Lisa, and thank you for voicing my thoughts. I love no count it’s a way of life I can continue for ever. I never wanted to weigh my food or deal with points, however, WW has changed again so we can make our choice. I love my WW group and our leader Lisa is great, very supportive of all of her groups. We see her as our friend. As a business WW need us to continue to buy their branded goods, as a no counter I try very hard not to eat any processed food. I believe this is one of the reasons WW have decided to change. Good luck to everyone with their weight loss journey. Thank you Lisa for your inspiration and support. Xx

Lisa I agree wholly with you, positivity and nc go together. It is the Healthiest Lifestyle and it can be done long term. Thank you for all your help and sharing, that inspires not just me but hundreds of others. Keep on going on xx

Lisa I couldn’t have put it better myself. Filling and healthy was like a breath of fresh air to me. The only healthy eating plan I could mange.
I lost my weight and have stayed within goal weight eversince. 4years. I must admit that since the change to no count I have struggled and my weight has gradually crept up from 7lbs below goal weight to 4lbs above. Think this is mainly psychological if I go over my weeklies I feel I’ve blown it and pig out.
Like you I like the support and social side of weight watchers that I have not found else where.
Onwards and downwards love the blog

I totally agree with you Lisa, I’ve found it the best plan up to now and I aim to keep on going. Thank you and the rest of the team for your inspiration, recipes etc. We will survive and keep going.xx

Hi Lisa, I didn’t know whether to leave a comment as I don’t follow No count but felt I had to say your posts and recipes are so so inspiring to me and others and would like to thank you for that 😊💕
You’ve come a long way from the lady you once were and have done amazingly well… Beautiful lady inside and out.

Thanks Lisa love no count I will continue with it as it really suits me thanks for all yr posts u have kept me going u look fab look forward to yr pages

Thanks Lisa I agree with you wholeheartedly, I do think 🤔 though NC didn’t work for many because members felt they couldn’t ‘trust’ themselves not to overeat?? In my WW class there are often over 50 members and on average only 3-4 NC followers? It worries me that people don’t feel they can trust themselves as it means they are not in tune with their bodies?

Lisa – love your input on this subject, love your food presentations and your honest approach to everything. Thanks.

Great article thank you. My biggest issue is zero point list is not great for plant based diet.
104 options for omnivores
31 options for vegetarians
28 options for vegans
No Count is a no brainer for me 🙂

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