Lean Beef and Celeriac Pie

Sort if lean beef Italian sauce topped with celeriac mash with garlic , mustard and parsley, sprinkle of nutmeg and baked
Lean beef, chopped onion, chopped peppers, made chopped herb mix out my herb garden and fresh garlic in my mini chopper, then added tsp balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, tsp of tomato puree, tsp lea and perrins, tinned tomatoes, 1 oxo cube, chilli and garlic salt.
simmer and reduce the stock down until it thickens
I had some ready chopped celeriac from Waistrose, microwaved it, then blitzed it with tsp colmans mustard powder, little dried garlic, fresh parsley and coriander and pinch of dried, it was a bit dry so add tb or so of skimmed milk
topp the meat and sprinkled with little nutmeg then baked approx 20 mins at 200

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