Mock Cheesecake

Mock cheesecake, could be made deconstructed too in a glass that would be nice, its banana and ginger flavour with almonds

1 Warburtons Thin blitz to crumbs
1 large tsp heaped cinnamon
half tsp of ginger
mix together and toast in a pan in the oven until crispy I baked at 200 about 10 mins max

13 g golden syrup 2 points, heated in microwave about 12 seconds, added the toasted crumbs, press down into a dish

1 ripe small banana mashed with half tub quark, tsp sweetener, about 1/4 tsp ginger, vanilla

Cover the biscuit base with the banana mix and I topped with 5 g almonds 1 point and a little left over biscuit crumbs

Use any flavours and fruit, you could leave out the golden syrup and save points and use your oil allowance


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